Shaman for the Sacred Heart

Healing journeys for people and animals

KRISTA CANTRELL is a Cherokee-trained shaman

Shaman for the Sacred Heart

"In my practice with animals and people, I have combined the Western shamanic practice of journeys, with the Eastern traditional Chinese medicine practice of qigong, to heal hearts, mend minds, and restore life.

"Allow me to offer my assistance and support to you and your animal friends in creating a safe haven where you can experience personal growth, healing, problem resolution, and spiritual homecoming."

How can a shaman help me?
Illness, depression, anger, abuse, injury, miscarriage, difficulty in relationships, divorce, death of a child, spouse or partner, and other emotions, incidents, and problems can be stored in body and spirit. During a journey a shaman locates where an illness, incident, or behavior problem resides in spirit and removes it. Each journey is unique to the individual or animal. Three types of healing journeys are: soul recovery, shamanic touch, and journeys for the dying or dead.

How can a shaman help my animal friends?
When an animalís behavior refuses to improve, radically changes, or displays obsessive compulsive actions such as a dog who constantly licks, horse who weaves in the stall, cat who pulls out his hair on his tail, neck or body...

A journey can get to the root of behavior issues, reduce problems, and help with emotional issues, such as timidity, fear, and depression, and abuse. Health issues from vomiting to cancer can be helped with journeys.

What is a soul recovery?
A shaman believes that in times of stress, trauma, abuse, accident, or death parts of an animal’s or person’s soul leave. A shaman travels in the spirit world to find the missing pieces of a soul that are ready to return home.

What is shamanic touch?
A shaman removes energetic blockages and weaknesses that cause illness, behavior problems, relationship challenges, chronic health problems, continual misfortune, feeling cut off from yourself, friends, or family, depression, grief, loneliness, or the feeling that something is missing from your life.

What is a journey for the dead?
It is the ability to ease the transition from this world to the spirit world. Sometimes people and animals need assistance in leaving this world for the next world. Also, if individuals or animals experience a sudden or unexpected death such as, a fatal car accident, unsuccessful surgery, or natural disaster, they may need help understanding they have died, and require assistance to transition to the spirit world.

What is the role of a shaman?
A shaman journeys to the spirit world to discover information and gain insight into the reasons behind an illness, problem, or behavior. Once a shaman identifies the condition in the spirit world, she initiates the healing process.

What is Sacred Drumming?
Sacred DrummingDrumming connects you with the Sacred Heart today, now, when you need her healing ways. You hear the voice of the Mother when the drum is beaten. The steady pulse of the drumbeat reminds you that the Sacred Heart has no limits. Drumming helps you remember the first time you heard the Sacred Heart was in your motherís womb (the original drum). Your motherís heartbeat harmonized with a greater rhythm and opened the door to the Sacred way.

With the steady beating of the drum, the Sacred Heart gives messages, visions, healing, health, happiness, and help. The natural rhythm of the drum heals because the Mother Drumís voice clears away obstacles, removes negativity, stimulates stagnant energy, changes fear into strength, and fills you with Her song. The drum is the Motherís gift to you. When you ask me to drum for you, my hollow prayer invites the Sacred Heart into your life to smooth, ease, comfort, love, support, and attract her healing ways into your life.

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Does Krista combine her qigong (pronounced chee gong) ancient Chinese healing skills with her work in Spirit Land?
Yes. Qigong helps people and animals improve health, aid healing, prevent illness, calm minds, create relaxation, strengthen bodies, improve performance and achieve a long life.

What will happen after a journey?
First, Krista will talk with you about what she has learned in the spirit world. She will suggest different exercises for you to follow. As a result of soul recovery and shamanic touch, you may feel healthier, more comfortable with who you are, experience improved relationships with family, friends, and at work. Life flows more smoothly, and decision-making is easier. A soul retrieval can initiate the beginning of a new cycle of healing, growth, recovery, and happiness.
An animal may experience better health, improved behavior, and/or a new attitude.

Krista CAntrell

Shaman, cognitive animal behaviorist, animal whisperer, qigong practitioner, and author

Krista uses her skills as a shaman, qigong practitioner, and cognitive animal behaviorist to create positive changes in you or your animal friend’s life. Veterinarians, trainers, performance, and family pet owners seek Krista’s assistance for training, behavior, and health issues with dogs, horses, and cats. In addition, she is a published author, contributor to national and local media, and speaker at national conferences.

Krista received her shaman training from a traditionally trained shaman of Cherokee descent. She continues to be trained by her guides.

Cognitive Animal Behaviorist
Krista uses positive, animal-friendly, reward- based training methods. She believes that happy animals learn faster.

Animal Whisperer
Whispering allows you to experience life from an animal's point-of-view.

Qigong Practitioner
Krista works with large and small animals. She deals with diverse wellness issues such as, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, hip dysplasia, allergies, seizures, and lameness.

Nationally published by Plume and The Lyons Press.

  • Tao of Puppies: How to raise a good dog without really trying (The Lyons Press, December 2004). Described by Steve Dale (nationally syndicated dog columnist and writer) “…brilliant…yet simple…”
  • Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes A Day (The Lyons Press, revised paperback edition 2004, Plume, 1998). The Library Journal recommended CATCH for “...all pet care collections.”
  • Housetrain Your Dog Now (Plume, 2000). Described by Steve Dale (nationally syndicated dog columnist and writer) as “The best book on housetraining I’ve read.”

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Krista's website: gives you more details about her work with people and animals. You can also read more at the Shaman for the Sacred Heart website or at Krista's blog.



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