Find out with a simple email if the most trusted teacher, healer, and trainer in Phoenix, Arizona can help you, too, find the answer to your dog, cat, or horse behavior, training, or health problem.

Why Should You Care that Over 99% of This Respected Teacher, Healer, and Trainer’s Business Comes Through Referrals From Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, And Extremely Happy Clients?

“Krista, Just a note to thank you for giving me back my dog. I’m so thrilled with how you made Bear feel better. She’s got a new lease on life and she is truly happy.” – Janet and Bear Collegio, Tempe, Arizona

There’s just one name that comes up over and over again among satisfied dog, cat, and horse lovers: Krista Cantrell, cognitive animal behaviorist, qigong practitioner, shaman, and agility instructor.

  • For over 17 years, Krista has worked with owners of golden retrievers, poodles, calico cats, terriers, race horses, shih tzus, roping horses, persian cats, Dobermans, domestic cats, barrel horses, golden doodles, boxers, trail horses, dachshunds, mane coon cats, and jumping horses...

  • Nearly all her current clients have been referred to her through happy current and former clients... and through other professionals (including veterinarians, dog trainers, and horse trainers.) That’s an amazing statistic – and it shows you who people trust with such an important member of their family.

  • Even more satisfying to Krista ... these same people do not hesitate to refer their own family, friends and colleagues to her. They rely on Krista to take care of the people closest to them.

  • Unlike most dog, cat, and horse trainers, Krista is a cognitive animal behaviorist, qigong practitioner, and shaman ... which means she knows exactly how to get the behavior you want (and often easier than you expected). She knows the insider secrets of stopping barking, easy housetraining, teaching dogs to come, running tight, quick agility courses, cat litterbox training, and smoothing out the rough spots in horse performance.

  • She knows how to help animals with cancer, hip dysplasia, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, seizures, or navicular start feeling healthy and sound again. (She was the keynote speaker for the American Holistic Veterinary Association in October, 2007. They wanted to know how she gets such successful results with sick animals.)

  • Krista works with all levels of clients – first time dog, cat, and horse owners and experienced riders, dog handlers, and cat owners who just need a little extra help.

  • There are many reasons why Krista is the most trusted person around ... but what’s important right now is that you have the chance to email her right now.

  • Email her today. Find out for yourself why she has such a sterling reputation for enthusiasm, honesty, personal service, and results. She is a hands-on teacher, trainer, and healer who knows health, training, and behavior better than anyone, understands the dog agility game better than anyone, and has the ability to ensure that your concern about your dog, cat, or horse’s behavior, training, and health is taken care of gently, without stress, and everyone is happy. She will gladly share her references with you.

The truth is, you can dream about the perfect performance and healthy dog, cat, or horse all day long... but if you don’t take the few simple steps to keep your animal healthy and happy with no behavior issues... well, you’re gonna suffer day after day after day. Suffer bad, too. And you don’t have to. It’s not your fault.

Sometimes all it takes is one word to change your life... or your dog’s life, cat’s problem, or horse’s issue.

Or... sometimes all it takes is finding that hidden “secret” that you knew was there, but just needed help finding it.

And life gets VERY exciting, once you work with someone who can help you apply the secrets of training, health, and inner healing for your animal’s well-being.

To your success and your animal’s health and happiness!

Krista Cantrell

Last Updated June 15, 2010

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Krista Cantrell, cognitive animal behaviorist, qigong practitioner, shaman, and agility instructor, with her Border Collie Jet

Krista Cantrell
29834 N Cave Creek Rd
Ste 118-275
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
PHONE: (480) 488-3587

Krista Cantrell - Behaviorist, Dog Trainer, Puppy Trainer, and Whisperer

Krista Cantrell - Shaman and Bagua Qigong Practitioner

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